Eligibilty Requirements...
a program of the Circle of Care Center for Families
The YES! Project offers an incredible incentive package just for participating in the program. You can earn up to **$500.00 while in the program to assist in post-secondary education fees and employment supplies. Incentives are only allowed for accomplishments earned during active status.

  • Training Activities: $25.00
  • Unpaid Work Experience/Job Shadowing: $50.00 
  • Skills Progression: $50.00
  • Basic Skills Increase: $25.00 
  • High School Diploma: $75.00
  • GED Section: $25.00
  • Training Milestone: $75.00
  • Employment: $50.00 / Advancement: $25.00 / Temp Agency: $25.00)
  • Successful Completion of Post-Secondary Entrance Exam, ACT, ASVAB: $25.00
  • Secondary or Post-Secondary Transcript/Report Card: $25.00
  • Short Term/Long Term Goal Achievement: $25.00

The expectation for each participant will be to earn all of the incentives available as he/she progresses through the program. Incentives are intended to be used to encourage and motivate YES! Project participants reach specific goals and obtain positive outcomes. The incentive must be linked to an achievement and must be tied to work experience, education, or training. Incentives and stipend awards are not an entitlement. All incentive awards will be subject to the availability of WIOA Youth funds or to donations by community partner agencies, businesses and institutions.